BMC Qatar


BMC Qatar Is an Equal Opportunity Employer

BMC Qatar recruits and hires employees regardless of race, color, nationality, ethnic origin, religion, sect, or gender. All rights, privileges, programs, trainings, activities, compensations and remunerations are provided to all employees on established scale. Employees are hired and awarded according to their qualifications, accomplishments, educational background, degrees earned, experience, loyalty and merits. BMC Qatar believes in adopting an Individual Career Path (ICP), which becomes the road map to individual development potential. BMC Qatar provides a challenging work environment in which achievers are rewarded.

Job Opportunities

At BMC Qatar the Human Resources and Development department’s task is to handle all personnel matters such as recruitment, social services, residence permits, time keeping, staff files, staff insurance policies, HR seminars and training programs. BMC Qatar is committed to hire high caliber staff. The Human Resources department periodically announces Job openings in the section below.

Job Openings

Sorry no job openings are available at the moment. There is no need to submit a C.V. or Application Form to the Human Resources and Development department for the time being. We will announce all job openings when they are available